Who Am I

Success in Personal Life

Prasad Sovani has had rising levels of success in personal life. He increased his territory in each of his following achievements in different fields.

While he was a topper in Mathematics in the High School Scholarships Examination in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra 1979, he was the topper in India in Sales for his company 1990 through 1993.

His canvas expanded to Asia, when he led the Braddell Heights Toastmasters Club, Singapore, 1996-97 to number 1 in Asia and number 5 in the world, amongst more than 8000 clubs. He was awarded a title ‘Super Toastmaster’ because of this. The next year, he was honoured as ‘Area Governor of the Year’ (1997-98).

Receiving award in Kuala Lumpur, after reaching the Hall of Fame in Toastmasters International, USA

District Governor Prasad conducting District Council Meeting in the Annual Conference at Goa, during his term as the leader of District 41 that covered 89% of India.


He won 30 trophies in Public Speaking in Singapore and he continued to be a champion speaker even in India. In 2007 08, he became Champion in all the four contests in Toastmasters in Pune. The contests were in 4 categories (Prepared, Impromptu, Humorous and Speech Evaluation). Later on, he served as a leader in Toastmasters & hence was conducting the contests and was not allowed to participate as per the rules -:) He has so far won 50+ trophies in Speech Contests.

He served as a leader of Toastmasters in India as District Governor for District 41 covering 89% of India, for 2013-14. (In layman’s language, he was All India Head that year.)

He was privileged to lead 5000+ members across 212 clubs with the help of 70+ awesome leaders in his team.

Training Related Qualifications

Prasad Sovani has accomplished the highest award in Communication and Leadership program by ‘Toastmasters International’ of USA- Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), five times. To reach this, he passed through the earlier levels of qualifications; starting with the basic program — Competent Toastmaster (CTM) {Later renamed CompetentCommunicator}, and thereafter completed three advanced programs in Communication, and three in Leadership for each of the five awards.

So far, he has delivered more than 3000 speeches in front of different audience groups.

He started conducting his own training programs in Singapore at places such as Braddell Heights Community Centre, and several other Community Centres, National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Management etc. He later started training corporates in Singapore. After repatriation, he conducted training programs in India for sectors such as IT, Manufacturing, Consulting, Retail, Construction, Advertising, Insurance, Direct Sales etc.

He has coached thousands of professionals from Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Mongolia, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Uruguay, Vietnam and India.


The name POEMS is not chosen by accident! Prasad Sovani loves poems and when the acronym came close to that he fitted it creatively. (So P.O.E.M.S. is a Backronym!). Prasad writes poems in 4 languages -Marathi, Hindi, English & Spanish. He started writing Poetry since school days. He even participated in the ‘Bal Sahitya Sammelan’ 1980-81. Prasad took up the challenge to write Spanish Poetry in the very first year of his studying Spanish and won the contest organised by the Spanish Language Department, Ranade Institute of Modern European Languages, University of Pune, 2000-01.

His first poem in Spanish was translated from his English Poem, (Complete with rhymes). But, when in Uruguay, he wrote his first fully Spanish Poem and won the hearts of Uruguayans. He later translated it to English.It turned out to be his best ever poem in terms of audience response, and the subject of this was his beloved son – Mihir!

Mihir is the source of inspiration for most of Prasad’s poems written since 1999 – the year of Mihir’s birth. Here are some links to Prasad’s English & Spanish Poems. He got inspiration to write most of his recent poems, while travelling!


(written after Mihir’s birth) (Pune, Oct.1999)

Mihir - Mi Gran Ilusion

(Translated the above to Spanish), (Pune, Dec. 2000)

I miss Mihir – I

(Journey KL-Singapore, Aug. 2002)

I miss Mihir – II

(Journey Mumbai-Singapore, Dec. 2003)

The ‘Car(ry)ing’ Father

(Singapore, Oct. 2005)

Yo Lo Extrano Mucho

(Uruguay, May 2006)

Stock of Kisses

(Translation of above) (Uruguay, May 2006)

Mihir – A ‘Son’net

(London, June 2006)

Poem Factory?!

(Journey Macau-Hong Kong, Nov 2006)

Soccer Fan’s Vacuum

(After the World Cup) (Across 3 continents, July 2006)

El Vacio en la Vida de Hincha

(Translation of above) (Pune, Aug 2006)

Away from India.

(Singapore, 1995)


(USA, 2011)

Antonym of Love

(Switzerland, 1998)

Whom Should You Marry?

(Italy, 1998)

Toastmasters Club

Prasad has been associated with this movement since 1994, so this is his Silver Jubilee Year! Since most other contents are influenced by Toastmasters, you may read other parts of the website for more details.

Rotary Club of Pune Lokmanyanagar

Rotary Scholar Prasad visited Latin America as a Cultural Ambassador. Here he is seen with His Excellency the Ambassador of Brazil to Singapore & the Professors of Universidade Católica do Brasília after his training in Brasilia, Brazil

Rotary is one of the largest non-profit social organizations. It has 1,200,000 members in 35000 clubs across the globe. Polio eradication is one of Rotary’s major initiative for which it has spent Billions of Dollars.

Prasad Sovani was a Rotary Scholar under its program Group Study Exchange or GSE, and joined Rotary immediately upon returning to India, as a matter of ‘Attitude of Gratitude’! He was President for the year 2009-10 for Rotary Club of Pune Lokmanyanagar and received the Citation from International President 2009-10 for his fabulous performance as President. He also won the trophy for the highest membership growth amongst about 100 clubs in the District. Currently he is serving as the Mentor for his Rotary Club. And he conducts extensive training for the President Elects in Pune in Personality Development and Public Speaking.


We firmly believe that languages help you while travelling!! Or even while doing business!!

Prasad Sovani learnt French, Spanish, Russian & Japanese at Ranade Institute, Department of Foreign Languages, under the University of Pune. He also studied ‘Korean Language Hobby Class’ conducted by King Sejong Institute (under the Korean Embassy in India.) He attempted to learn basic Mandarin while working in Singapore. He also managed to communicate in Italian in Italy and Portuguese in Brazil. Going forward, people should study Chinese (Mandarin) & Spanish to benefit from the large markets that speak these languages.

Prasad can conduct training programs listed on the page of Training; in English, Spanish, Hindi & Marathi.

Our Associate trainers can deliver training programs in Russian, French, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Chinese(Mandarin & Hokkien), Bahasa (Malay/Indonesian), Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Bengali and we can get trainers in other languages, if needed for the client.


Prasad set himself a goal–that of travelling to 100 countries & 1000 cities and has been working towards that. So far he has travelled to 56 countries and 630 cities. And has made some vlogs about his trips.


Prasad uses examples from films in his training to demonstrate a point better. He watches 120+ films a year in various film festivals.