We believe in the Gandhian principle of ‘Practise What You Preach’. So we will not train in areas where we ourselves have no moral right to train.  (For example, we won’t train in Weight-Loss for obvious reasons).

So, we consult / train in areas where we ourselves have been masters. e.g. Prasad Sovani teaches Public Speaking after he has been a champion speaker! The same thing can be said for all the other topics.


I-ACT: Why this name for our consortium of trainers?


You might have seen human beings with immense talent but no results! So what is important is taking action! Therefore, when the acronym was formed, we felt that this name would be suitable!


‘International Association of Consultants & Trainers’ (I-ACT) I-ACT has consultants in Singapore, India, Europe & Latin America. We conduct tailor-made training programs to suit the needs of our clients.