My Favourite Korean Films – Part 1 – Films of Kim Ki-Duk I watched 132 films during the lockdown of 132 days in 2020! {& a total of 200 in the year 2020!}


My Favourite Korean Films – Part 1 – Films of Kim Ki-Duk

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My Favourite Korean Films – Part 1 – Films of Kim Ki-Duk I watched 132 films during the lockdown of 132 days in 2020! {& a total of 200 in the year 2020!}Not exactly 1 per day, but the average would be 1 per day, during the total lockdown! Some days I didnot watch any, on other days I watched 3 films from the same franchise in a single day! Anyway, Ihave watched about 120~125 films each year since 2016, when I started attending PIFF (PuneInternational Film Festival) and EUFF (European Union Film Festival) every year. In addition,...

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The New Normal – Part 1

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The Covid crisis continues and people have been wondering what will happen after a few months. Here are my thoughts on the New Normal. I have identified some industries which will be affected and suggested some actions they can take to reduce the negative impact. These are my thoughts as a thinker and the doers or entrepreneurs are more imaginative than thinkers or economists, so I will be happy to be proved wrong!! In general, people will reduce touching each other and avoiding handshakes or hugs. Namaste might become the global greeting...

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The New Normal – Part 2

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PART 2 continued from part 1 Click here Education: Most schools and colleges are going to shift to online classes at least for the next 3-4 months. But there are challenges especially for younger kids. One of the responsibilities of the school teachers is to educate the given subject, but the other tasks are to educate values, to monitor and discipline them. How does that happen? The schools may have to have a hybrid formula for teaching. Some sessions in school, some online. How about examinations? Cheating might be easier in online...

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ICC must do this to stop controversies surrounding mankading!

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Much has been said by both the sides about whether R. Ashwin was right or not in running out Jos Butler in an IPL match last week. The side supporting Mankading has a solid rationale that A> It is within the rules. How can something such as spirit of the game override rules? B> In modern cricket, a batsman is runout by less than a centimeter. How can we then give an unfair advantage to a batsman who runs ahead by a few inches thereby running less after the ball is hit? C> Butler was run out earlier in his career in a similar fashion...

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Antonym of Love

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I received a topic for impromptu speaking at a Toastmasters meeting many years ago, which was, ‘What is the word opposite of love? Is it hatred or anger or something else?’ I started thinking on this topic and realized that the answer is neither hate nor anger. I wrote a short poem on this topic later on. I am presenting that poem on this Valentine’s Day!  

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Implementation matters!!!

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The Indian Cricket Team finished its long tour (82 days) of Australia & New Zealand on 10th February 2019. The team was successful in beating Australia in Australia in tests for the very first time! It won the Test Series in Australia 2-1, ODI series in Australia 2-1 and ODI series in NZ 4-1. It drew T20I series in Australia (It would have won if not for rains spoiling a match when they had a better chance of winning) and lost the T20I series in New Zealand 1-2. Overall it won more matches than it lost (10-6) and won more series than it...

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